Rotterdam, October 17th, 2017 – Swanbridge Capital, a Dutch Life Science Venture Capital fund, today announced its investment in FABPulous B.V., a Dutch start-up company focused on the development of a new diagnostic tool that quickly distinguishes whether patients with chest pains are at urgent risk of a heart attack. Swanbridge Capital co-led the investment round together with Health Innovations.

The investment will support the further development of the H-FABP True Rapid Test, which helps healthcare workers quickly decide whether a patient with chest pain is at risk of a heart attack by measuring the levels of the H-FABP biomarker in the patient’s blood.

Chest pain patients are kept in Emergency Departments and often admitted into hospitals overnight until the risk of a heart attack can be excluded, Current tests using the biomarker Troponin can take hours, delaying treatment for patients who are at risk of a massive heart attack, while also clogging up emergency departments and hospital beds with chest pain patients who could be discharged.

The H-FABP True Rapid Test makes it possible to send those patients home immediately, based on the results produced within five minutes by its proprietary (patented) IVD test platform.

“The technology under development within FABPulous shows great promise in quickly ruling out patients from a heart attack” says Duko Drijfhout, Fund Manager at Swanbridge Capital and Director at FABPulous, “not only will a quick rule-out save a patient many unnecessary hours in the hospital, the early discharge of non-heart attack cases reduces pressure on ED thereby saving costs for hospitals and patients. We are very excited to be leading this investment round together with Health Innovations.”

“With this latest investment, FABPulous will be able to begin commercial supply of the H-FABP True Rapid Test within the next few months,” FABPulous CEO Conor O’Brien said. “This will provide the necessary resources to complete our clinical trials and transfer of manufacturing under ISO13485:2016 compliance before the end of 2017.”

About FABPulous
FABPulous develops and markets pioneering Point of Care (POC) solutions for better diagnostic tools in primary care and emergency medicine. FABPulous is a venture capital-backed company that was spun out of Maastricht University at the end of 2008. FABPulous B.V. has headquarters in Rotterdam and offices in Cambridge at which site the commercial activities for the group are executed.

About Swanbridge Capital
Swanbridge Capital is a Rotterdam based venture capital fund, backed by the Seed Capital arrangement of, that actively invests in young, high potential companies in the life sciences. Founded in 2016, the fund invests in companies in the medical devices, therapeutics and diagnostics field. By actively supporting our portfolio of companies, Swanbridge Capital is in position to provide the knowledge and network that young companies need to bring their technology and company to the next phase.