Our Story

Swanbridge Capital, founded in 2016, is a Rotterdam-based venture capital firm that actively invests in young, high potential companies in the Life Sciences. 

Swanbridge Capital is funded by Van Herk Investments, the Erasmus Medical Center and the City of Rotterdam. They have a joint ambition of creating a vibrant Life Science ecosystem. We aim to complement the activities of our shareholders by bridging the gap between invention and proof of concept.

The team of Swanbridge Capital has extensive, complementary experience in the early stage development of companies and technologies, and is strongly embedded in the Rotterdam eco-system. Our three fund managers combine their activities at Swanbridge Capital with other positions within the field of the Life Sciences. We will leverage our experience and extensive network to benefit both our investors and portfolio companies.

We believe that collaboration is the key to success. By working closely with our portfolio companies, combining their innovative ideas with our experience in business development, allowing their business to grow.

Swanbridge Capital
Brainpark II – Building XI
Lichtenauerlaan 40
3062 ME Rotterdam