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Swanbridge invests in Pan Cancer T

Onco-immunology Company Pan Cancer T Launched as Spin-off from Erasmus Medical Center - Dutch biotech company developing first-in-class T-cell Receptor (TCR) T-cell therapies - Seed investment by Swanbridge Capital and Van Herk Ventures with support from...

Swanbridge Capital invests in Immagene

Official launch of Immagene: Dutch company developing next-generation immuno-oncology therapeutics   Immagene B.V. launched this month as a private biotech company developing next-generation precision immuno-oncology (IO) treatments. The company based in...

Curie Capital invests in Allero Therapeutics

3 October 2019 Life sciences seed capital fund Curie Capital today announced the closing of a seed investment in Allero Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel immunotherapies. The company has developed a proprietary platform...

Allero Therapeutics secures seed investment from Swanbridge Capital

ROTTERDAM, 17 April 2019 – Swanbridge Capital, an early-stage Life Sciences venture capital fund, today announced the closing of a Seed investment in Allero Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of novel immunotherapies....

Swanbridge Capital invests in IPaDiC

Swanbridge Capital announced it invested in IPaDiC, a private company developing an implantable insulin pump for diabetes type 1 patients with an insulin resistance.

Abegaill successfully closes seed funding round

Abegaill B.V. announces the successfully closing of a seed funding round. This funding is provided by Swanbridge Capital, a Dutch life science venture capital fund, and Leander Healthcare, a Benelux medtech innovation provider.

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