Investment Strategy

Swanbridge Capital invests in high potential companies in the Life Sciences. We aim to build a balanced portfolio that is mixed in terms of technology, risk profile and exit horizon. Where our technological focus is broad, we solely invest in companies in very early stage of development. By securing strong shareholder positions we are committed to actively collaborate with our portfolio companies.

Life Science & Health
The Life Sciences are a rapidly developing sector, with exceptional investment opportunities. Within the field of the life sciences we take a broad approach with a focus on the areas of therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices.

Early stage investment
Swanbridge Capital is committed to invest at a very early stage of development. We invest in propositions that have a clear technological proposition and a credible business case, but still need to generate first proof of concept of their technology. Our experience allows us to identify innovative and high potential companies.

Active participation
Early stage investments usually require more than just a financial investment. Our involvement goes beyond that by actively supporting our portfolio companies. Swanbridge Capital is in the position to provide the knowledge and network that young companies require in order to bring their technology and company to the next phase.

Swanbridge Capital
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